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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] Throne of the Keeper of Traken [Chair AND Vehicle]

"But unlike you, my time of Dissolution is near and the power entrusted to me is ebbing away."


"Oh, come on. It's still fairly impressive. I mean, I couldn't flit around the universe in an old chair like this."


-The Doctor and the Keeper in Keeper of Traken



Vehicle: Throne of the Keeper of Traken

As Seen in: Keeper of Traken


  • Flight
  • Travel across Space and Time
  • Coordinate Based Travel
  • Travel Between Dimensions


  • Wood
  • Dematerialization Parts (Can be purchased from Dr. Who)
  • The Source (I may replace this at a later time)

Other Details:

  • The throne also acts like a Chair and can be locked in place to not move with a Tardis Key.
  • It can be sat on, and the player will be rendered as sitting in it, even while flying
  • It can also be summoned with a Tardis Key
  • It has no Interior as it is not a Tardis

Why should this be implemented:

  • It's a unique form of travel, and could be a pretty fun one.
  • It allows one to fly about time and space, without even standing up.

Any other Information: 

  • It won't take Zeiton-7 Ore. It will take some other energy source instead. Details on that later.
  • Flight, coordinate based travel, and dimensional travel GUIs open when a certain key is pressed. And the player can switch between GUIs by pressing arrows on the left and right sides of the GUI currently open.

I'm open to suggestions on how to improve things and critiques and opinions on my ideas. If you have any of those, feel free to comment below


UPDATE: Crafting Recipe has been added.


Although, I may change it later

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