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DMU Grief (Secret Room) [Solved]

So I was at my house being afk, I went into my TARDIS and went to My Tavern and Inn, and I found this while looking around my Inn,


MC Username: _SebTheIdiot_

Location of Grief: X:8203.476  Y:84  Z:757.300/ Dimension: Overworld/ DMU Public


I dont have any before screenshots but I do have after (If they could, I would like for mods or admin to fill it with regular stone after the griefer is punished, Im not gonna touch it)IFfff

Wow over 2 months and still no one has responded to this

At this point I say you should contact staff directly via Discord or if you see one on the server. Surprised no one has addressed your report yet

Hello. As far as I'm aware, this issue was sorted on the server, and Asc4 removed the items.

This thread has been locked.