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Time ring

So recently I was playing on the public server, and I was in other tardis' but then I came to the conclusion that I didn't know where my tardis was, and the tardis key only interacts with the most recent tardis that you have been in, so I couldn't find my tardis which is annoying because I keep ALL of my stuff in my tardis, which I have expanded. And looking at the chat, this happens often to people. I have not been able to find a way to get back.


the time ring

first appearance: Genesis of the daleks

use: transportation

crafting: bottom row across is dalekanium, and one glow stone lamp in the middle top.

details: when crafted, right clicking will transport you the the nearest tardis that you own. However you may set one waypoint which you can travel to. This would be extremely useful.


but what do you think?

As for waypoints, I did have an idea similar to that once but never posted it. The idea was that the ring would be linked to multiple places, and after each use, cycle between them. Kind of like what happened in the Minerva Beacon Story Arc.


I like your idea more though

Thank you. I am sure that if you want me to put in some additions, I will credit you

you could also adapt this into the vortex manipulator, since there is already a model for it


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