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[DMU Ban Appeal]Tommy_Gaming_YT:X-Ray [Permanent]

Minecraft Username: Tommy_Gaming_YT


Why Were You Banned: X-raying in mining


Ban Duration: (Permanent)


What were you last doing last on the server: Strip Mining


Why You Think You Should Be Pardoned Early (please keep this factual. We Understand You Are Sorry That You Got banned So Please Stick With The Facts): These 3 weeks have made me realise what I have done, I would like to be pardoned because I would like to be a better person from now on. Now I realise that stupid thing can cause consequences, I only started using x-ray is because I was getting really depressed with all things that are happening in my life right now and I am going to take responsibility for the actions I cause in the future, I will be a better player of DMU from now on. and I will not stop trying until I get my life on track.


Thank you whoever reads this and I am truly sorry.. Yours Sincerely Tommy_Gaming_YT

Hi Tommy,


Thank you for your appeal. 


After taking into consideration your statement as well as well as the fact fact you have no previous bans I have decided to unban you with one final chance. Please do not let me down. Also if you are feeling down and depressed please talk to one of us we are here to help you. 


Appeal Accepted this thread will be locked.



-DMU Ultra-Admin

This thread has been locked.