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DMU Halloween Event 2019 [Ended]

Hello all, welcome to halloween 2019. As usual, we will be hosting an event to celebrate. BluerThanBluey, Lukeyspiderman and me will be hosting the event! Please find the details below.

When will it happen?

Friday 1st November, 6 pm GMT. (British time)


If you are unsure of your timezone, just use an online converter, or ask about it in the discord.

What and where?

The event will take place on DMU Public (1.12.2 Update 50)

 Please note: That we don’t know when Update 51 comes on DMU so it might be Update 51 when the event is gonna happen but it can also still be Update 50..

The rules

All rules still apply - no spam, hacking, etc. unless the game rules direct you otherwise. (eg. you can break chests)


Feel free to leave any suggestions you may have about what games we could host, timings, or just anything about the event in general!
What will happen in the event?

You will be thrown into the supposedly haunted hotel and will have to solve some challenges to find your way out. Please note that when you start the event if you leave the premise that you cannot rejoin. Whoever reaches the desired point of the hotel will win the sum of 15000 DMU dollars and a trophy item! There will be trophy items for second and third but not money prizes. There will be a warp to get here.


Like last year we will have some fun spooky challenges in order to beat the hotel!


We will also be having a skin competition year again! There will be a 5000 DMU dollar reward for first place and a trophy. Second and third will gain a trophy item but not money price. There will be a warp to get here.



New this year we will be having a pumpkin carving competition! Bring a pickaxe and your imagination to turn a pumpkin into whatever you want. There will be a warp to get here. Prices are to be decided on the day.

omg so hype 100% true not a lie like no scam im coming here

Not sure if I'll be able to make it, but it sounds really cool, Hope everyone has fun!

Event ended! Thank you all for joining the event.


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