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[DMU Ban appeal] The_Creepers101 : Having Wurst Hack Client Enabled [Perm]

Minecraft username: The_Creepers101


Why you were banned:For having Wurst Hack enabled whiles joining the server


Ban duration: Permanent 


What were you doing last on the server:I honestly don't know probably building in my Tardis 


Why I think I should be pardoned early :I Didn't mean to have it activated when I joined the server. I was messing around with it on a single-player world. After coming home form a mates house I forgot I had it still in mods folder. Tried to join DMU got disconnected tried again and got perm banned. I would like to come back to the server even if my inventory was stripped  and my previous progress was gone. I've answered the question as best to my ability and I hope you can unperm-ban me 


P.S. Can you also tell me why if I don't get unbanned  or a reduced sentence


I will unban you this time, but please do not attempt to use any hacks in the future. If you are still going to use it on single player, check your mods folder before joining the server again. Your inventory will not be wiped since you couldn't even get on the server with the hacks.
You will be able to rejoin back soon.

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