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Ban Appeal [Accepted]

my username is:  Ak_Wolf_Hd  

i was banned for griefing

ban duration is forver i think

I cant renember what i did sry i forget everything my key and my bag 

I think i should be unbanned beacaus i yeah just wanna see DMU again it was so cool there and i just wanna new start and Yeah just restart my adventrue on DMU plasse unban me and yeah if i do anything whats bad ban me again Okay?........ have a nice day or night

Use the following ban format:


Minecraft username: 

Why you were banned: 

Ban duration: 

What were you doing last on the server: 

Why you think you should be pardoned early:


(Edit this thread DON'T make a new thread.)


You will be unbanned with a FINAL warning. Remember to read the rules.


Appeal accepted


Thread locked

This thread has been locked.