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Discord group appeal..

Haiiii :DDD. I've once got banned from the dmu group on discord if I am correctly a bit more than a year ago. My username is IiI The Doctor IiI#4432 and the reason remain vague.. I've got banned from matt not even he remembers why he banned me. And I would like to join back. Because I don't wanna miss any events and news anymore.

Please, use the format below for your discord ban appeal:

Discord account username and ID:

Why you were banned:

Ban duration: 

What were you doing last in the discord:

Any previous bans:

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):





-Dalek Mod Staff member as Mod-



Discord name: IiI The Doctor IiI#4432

Why you were baned: Reason remain vague

Ban duration: Unknown

Banned a bit more than a year ago.

What I did last when I was in the discord: all I really remember is that everyone was mad at me for something and they hated me.. matt was playing around with me. I was raging and then the next day he banned me..

Any previous bans: nuh.

Why I think I should be pardoned: Because I only got banned on the discord and not on the server. And because I really wanna stick up with the news. Because it was also a year ago and matt forgot about it. And because I changed. I am less rageful and try to solve the problems. (I can't really remember what the hell happened that I got banned. ;-;)


and this is the first time I got banned from any discord group. (This sentence doesn't have anything to do with why I think I should be pardoned.. I am just sayin)


Have a lovely day Danita :p

 Hey there, 
Sorry for the late answer...

You will pardoned with a final chance. Please make sure to re-read our rules. 
You may rejoin the discord now.

-Thread Locked.

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