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Christmas Event 2019 - Week 3/4

Week 3/4

Hey everyone! Head-Elf Ben1Ben1 here! I hope you all like the Christmas village! It will be sticking around until after Christmas Day! I’ve seen lots of Christmas presents being bought for each other and many people trying out some ice skating! Also thank you to all the people who entered in last weeks Christmas Carol skin competition! The winner this week is Supreme_Timelord and they have won $500 and a present! You all did awesome!


The winning skin from "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer” by Supreme_TimeLord:




Congratulations to Vinaki for winning the snowman building competition. They won $1000 and 3 presents!


This week the focus is:


A Christmas adventure map! /warp Workshop



Santa sent me a note this morning - apparently he has gotten back from his adventures but he needs some help preparing for Christmas so he has asked for you to come find him in his workshop in the Christmas village, behind the big Christmas tree. 


Enter the workshop and you will take part in a fun adventure map! Thank you to Joee3 and Ollyyyy for all their work this week on preparing the adventure map, I really couldn’t have done it without them.


Week 3's activities (16th-21st December):


As already mentioned we are releasing the adventure map this week so please do enjoy! There is an amazing prize to be won!


Make sure to decorate your towns if you haven’t already! Under two weeks until Christmas Day!


There will be more fun mini games in the Christmas village this week too and the Christmas raffle is still going on!


Christmas raffle:

We will be holding a Christmas raffle giving out prizes to players! It is all explained at the stall by the train station at the Christmas village! Prizes include 1000 DMU dollars, banners, Christmas presents and more! Come buy tickets to take part, you can buy as many as you want! The raffle winners will be randomly selected in a couple of weeks time.


Skin competition:

Every week this month we will be having a different skin competition with a different Christmas theme! Week 3's theme is North Pole Fashion! Whether you are a Santa Stan or crazy for Mrs Claus or maybe you prefer the elves? Or the snowmen? Or whatever you want! Just design a skin around your favourite North Pole Character! 


Skin Competition Rules:

- It MUST be your own original design

- You earn points for Originality, Design and Meeting the Theme.

• You cannot enter a skin which has won a previous skin competition this month. 

- To enter your skin either PM @Ben1Ben1#9857 on discord a picture of your skin or show one of the staff members on DMU your skin, and they will take a picture and send it to Ben1Ben1

- You must enter your skin before midnight GMT on Saturday the 14th or it won’t count.


That’s everything for this week! Make sure to go help Santa to get ready for Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone! 


The final Christmas update for 2019 will be posted on Sunday the 22nd by me, Ben1Ben1!


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