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Christmas Event 2019 - Week 4/4

Week 4/4

Hey everyone! This week for the final week I’m going to keep it short and simple! Thank you to everyone who took part in the adventure map! We have decided to keep it open for one more week but it will close NEXT SUNDAY!

The winner for this weeks skin competition is thebloddydem0n with a literal North Pole skin! He wins $500 and a present! Good job everyone!

This week we are opening Santa’s grotto in the Christmas village!
Go in and meet one of the elves or possibly even Father Christmas! You may even get a present!


Christmas raffle:

We will be holding a Christmas raffle giving out prizes to players! It is all explained at the stall by the train station at the Christmas village! Prizes include 1000 DMU dollars, banners, Christmas presents and more! Come buy tickets to take part, you can buy as many as you want! The raffle winners will be randomly selected NEXT SUNDAY!

Skin competition:

For the skin competition this week it is my favourite theme ever! UGLY CHRISTMAS JUMPERS! Everyone has one, that itchy feeling around your neck, bright colours, feeling way too warm! Turn your favourite design into a Minecraft skin!

Skin Competition Rules:
- It MUST be your own original design
- You earn points for Originality, Design and Meeting the Theme.
- You cannot enter a skin which has won a previous skin competition this month.
- To enter your skin either PM @Ben1Ben1#9857 on discord a picture of your skin or show one of the staff members on DMU your skin, and they will take a picture and send it to Ben1Ben1
- You must enter your skin before midnight GMT on Saturday the 28th or it won’t count.
That’s everything for this week! Make sure to go visit Santa’s grotto!

I really hope everyone has enjoyed this year's Christmas event. It started being worked on in August and there has been nonstop work since. Thank you SOOO much to all the staff members who helped run it and thank you to all of you guys for having fun taking part. This has been my first event to run by myself and it’s also been quite a different event for DMU, being spread over an entire month! I’d love any feedback in the comments or pm me on discord!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas Day!

This is the last Christmas post :( However, there will be one more post next Sunday announcing the winner of this week’s skin competition and raffle winners.


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