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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] Planets and Dimensions must be each be unlocked before Tardis Travel

Bakground: I got this idea as I was playing on DMU yesterday. When you first get a Tardis, you can go anywhere. In particular, the Nether and the End were inspirations for this suggestion, as well as the Chameleon circuit. Being able to go to the End and Nether without first having to first go through the work of building a Nether portal or finding a stronghold containing an End portal just doesn't sit well with me.  I feel a player should have to have gone to both dimensions the vanilla way before they can use their Tardis to take a shortcut. I thought of how to best implement this, and the chameleon circuit and its need to be fed chameleon cartridges to unlock additional Tardis shells came to mind. What if the Tardis begins not knowing the locations of any other dimension or time zone and must first be fed relevant data to figure out where they are? Now this suggestion is going to need a bit more to it for the Dalek mod dimensions, which only have one way of being traveled to as of now, but I have solutions in mind for that. I figured having to unlock planets may also allow for a sense of progression in the mod. Perhaps planets can even scale in difficulty and need to be unlocked in a certain order?


Item 1: Dimension Chip

Description: A chip containing data related to a planet or dimension. Can be fed into the Tardis's navigation system in order to locate a planet or dimension to allow travel to it.

Crafting: Depends on the chip. It will be crafted either using drops belonging to mobs of a dimension but spawning outside of it, perhaps it's uncraftable and found at an outpost (this will be discussed later in this suggestion), or it is crafted using drops of mobs inside the dimension an using ores mined in the dimension. As a final alternative, they can be dropped by bosses.

Use: If a player right clicks on a Navigation Panel while holding a Dimension Chip, it vanishes from the player's inventory, and a new location is unlocked for the Tardis to travel to. The chip will not vanish if the location has already been unlocked previously.


Block 1: Navigation Panel

Description: A new block that can be placed within a Tardis. Its sole purpose is to be fed dimension chips, which unlock new locations for a Tardis to travel to. Functionally, this is similar to how feeding a chameleon circuit cartridges unlocks additional Tardis shells.

Crafting: I don't know. I'll take suggestions from you readers or leave it up to SWDTeam.


Structure Suggestion: Outposts

Description: Outposts are one way which players can access other dimensions other than Vortex Manipulators or Tardises. Outposts may have six features: 1) a theme,  2) a structure, 3) an outpost boss, 4)  enemies, 5) loot, and 6) a warp station. The theme determines what the structure looks like, what enemies and boss spawn in it, what loot the stucture has, and where the warp station leads to. Some example themes include: Dalek (Skaro), Cybermen (Moon), Crashed Tardis (Gallifrey)**, Great Intelligence or Weeping Angels (Trenzalore), Ice Warriors (Mars) (Have the Ice Warriors ever visited Earth? I need to check). The loot may include items to survive on the planet, though at lower durability. A Dalek outpost may include radiation pills while a Cyberman outpost may include a low-durability space suit. The warp station is a special indestructible block with a beacon of light that goes up to the sky. This beacon penetrates opaque blocks so that players will be able to locate warp stations from a fair distance. When a player stands on a warp station for a few seconds or perhaps when it is fed a redstone signal, the station will warp the player (in the case a redstone signal is implemented, whatever entity is on it) to the dimension this outpost is themed on.

Spawning Frequency: They are incredibly uncommon. I feel this balances out with the fact that they can be seen from a great distance. Each warp station will have a unique look, so even if other players mine away all blocks around a warp station, a player will still be able to tell at a glance where the warp station leads to, Perhaps the beacon of light may also have unique colors for each type of outpost.


**Linked thread is for Crashed Tardis drastically outdated. The important part is the crashed Tardis


Special Cases:

There are some planets or dimensions that I know would be special cases. Minecraft Classic, perhaps Gallifrey, and Varos would be these special cases. I imagine Varos would just require an electronic chip surrounded by some Zeiton-7 crystals, which generate in veins in the overworld. For Minecraft Classic I'm not sure what the recipe would be. A Minecraft classic chip could perhaps require a combination of grass blocks, cobblestone, and an electronic chip as a reference to Cave Game, which only had these two block types. For a Gallifreyan outpost, I suggested a Crashed Tardis. Of course, having to first access Gallifrey with a Confession Dial would be a neat way to first access Gallifrey as an alternative. Perhaps the completed confession dial can serve as the chip to feed into one's Tardis to unlock Gallifrey. This is a clear reference to how the Doctor had to find Gallifrey through his confession dial. As a final special case, I absolutely forgot Vortex manipulators. I'll think up two possible ways to address this at the end of this suggestion.


Example Chip:

Item: Nether Chip

Description: Feed this into your Navigation panel to unlock travel to the Nether.

Crafting:  An electronic chip in the center of a crafting table surrounded by the following: Soul Sand, Netherwart, Ghast Tear, Blaze Rod,  Magma Cream, Nether Quartz , Drop from a Nether Dalek, Magma Block.

Additional Note: This is just an example. Don't know if it's too expensive or not. The point is that the Tardis needs information about the dimension in order to locate it. And the crafting recipes for the chips reflect this.


Vortex Manipulators:

Vortex manipulators also need a way to unlock other dimensions. I thought of three methods for this.

1) Have the Vortex manipulator in the off-hand and the chip in the main hand. Then right click and the chip will vanish, and the dimension will unlock in the manipulator.

2) Implement a panel which has a GUI containing a button, a slot for the manipulator, and a slot for the chip. When the button is pressed, the chip slot will empty and the manipulator will have the location unlocked.

3) Right click a Tardis navigation panel with a Vortex manipulator in hand. This will copy all the unlocked locations of the Tardis to the Vortex manipulator and vice-versa. I figured that this would make it easier for those who own both.


Afterword: Seems that I'm making my way back to making longer suggestions. Let me know what you all think of this. I love getting feedback on my suggestions so I can know where I can improve on them, what I can add to them, what needs changing, and to have a better idea of how my ideas are. If you have anything to say related to this suggestion, please leave a reply below. 


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