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An Apology

Hello, this is MmanGamer14 speaking.
I would like to apologize for everything I've done last year in July, and especially to Zelotbe, who has unfortunately left SWDTeam as a moderator, and if I recall correctly, left the Discord Server entirely.

I understand that all of what happened was entirely my fault, and that Zelotbe simply felt I was annoying.
However, that didn't give me the right to bypass the mute using #discord-to-dmu, neither did it give me the right to cuss several members, moderators and admins out as well as the changes made to my profile. (https://swdteam.com/profile/MmanGamer14 for those who think I am innocent in any way)


This is not a meme post, or someone attempting to pose as me. 



I do not come here asking for an appeal, as it is way too late, and I don't really deserve one either.
All I ask is that if possible, you delete, or at least wipe, the profile above.
If you do not wish to do this, I understand.

I will probably not be replying to this thread or any private messages, as I'll probably be banned soon after posting this for bypassing a ban.

To everyone I've cussed out in anger, and to the admins who were unfortunate enough to have to deal with my outbursts, I'm sorry.

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