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Gary the polar bear

Gary the polar bear is a great polar bear who lives in my shed. He likes it in there. Please don't call animal cruelty on me.

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me first meeting gary the polar bear.

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He is now succesfully in my shed.

[DEATH of his best friend pink fluffy dalek can't be found]

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Him longingly looking for his best friend.

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We have found a  duplicate with the help of supreme_timelord and saltyTemPearl and with the help of Barny the chicken. We have named him PO


wGary the polar bear does not accept him as the dalek is the wrong gender.

TThe dalek dies and Gary realises how wrong he was.

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We cremated Po the pink fluffy dalek's remains

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This is the grave of Po the pink fluffy dalek. Do /warp cobstertown to find it.

He will be missed. He wasn't a good pink fluffy dalek. He was the very best.


That's all for gary's adventure also i forgot to mention he has a son called Joe. After Joe stole him from me. He has been succefully retrieved. I'll send pictures of the rescue arc soon.

I'll keep you posted about gary and his friends.

TThis is joe being kidnapped which is why he stole gary's baby.

Gary the polar bear is now dead




                  He will be missed

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