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[Dmu // Alts] [Solved]

My (current) ign: TheTrueNova


Problem: It's not really a problem, it's more of a concern. I have an alt account, TheTrueNovasAlt and I was wondering if they are allowed on the server. I originally started with TheTrueNovasAlt as I didn't have an alt at the time, but I got one to test things for a closed server I used to work on. I accidentally connected in my now main account (TheTrueNova) and didn't realise until I spoke in chat. Both accounts have donated, but my alt account has been previously banned. I was wondering, is this allowed? Am I allowed to stay within the hands of the DMU community?



Alts are alright so long as they are not being used to break the rules.

You mention that your account has previously been banned. An alt would only be an issue here if the account was still banned and the alt was being used to bypass the ban.



Thank you for this response!


This thread can be locked now as it is no longer needed.


Thank you, TheTrueNova.


 Don't post random content on a thread that has been solved.


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