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Steel Town Griefing.

Username:  Acediajc (411tman)
Username of Griefer: Lavafirekreeper

Location of griefed building(Coords, which server): Overworld 48905 69 1917 (Approx) or /warp Acediastown

When it happened (Time and Date):Approximately post 12pm EST last night. 

Description of the problem:I logged out for the night and when I logged in the next morning the top of the lamp, back of the steel structure, entire front of the steel structure was all destroyed and taken from the crafting center in my town. I contacted kyron13 to check the log to see who had grief'd it and it was Lavafirecreeper. When Questioned about it lava said he got the steel from an "island in the sky" and suspiciously derpinator (Who was with lavafirecreeper at the time) stated that they landed on it and asked if it was about that..

Witnesses (if any):

Image(screenshot) before and after griefing:



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