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Users recommended for Server Staff position - MegaThread

Do not vote for people by doing #VoteMrCarrot. Give there full ign, why you think they should be staff and include examples if you have any.


also dont vote for yourself, it will get you nowhere


Here are a list of member of the community who I think would make good staff member on the server


- Does alot for the forums and has started the AGC


Again, does alot for the forums

EmoBrony & Zelotbe

They're are on the server regularly and help out alot

Just my suggestions though :)


I would also like to recommend:


Whovianmaster93( 411tman in-game) 


-Helps out with misbehaving server users and deals with situations in a calm manner. Although he has SWDBae, he obeys the rules and tries to help others obey them too. :P


I was about to suggest ArcPhoenix, but you beat me to it! :P


Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it! Unlikely that I'll make it though, there's so many staff already. :P

I agree with Shane, (not like my opinion matters though as I am just a player myself), while I have not had close contact with EmoBrony nor Archphoenix so I cant weigh in on either of them but I would say that 50ap5ud5 and Zelotbe would both be good moderators on the server.

Thanks for the mention.

Also, I support the suggestion of 50ap as staff. He's one of the most helpful people I know of in the forums, and very calm and proffesional when it comes to responding to issues

I thought Server Staff are chosen on how they help on the server

I vote for 50ap5ud5 and Arcphoenix they do an extreme amount to help the community and I say they would be extremely good Staff members 

 Don't encourage them xD

 I agree with this statement.


 XD Yeah...

 #Vote Kyron xP

 Slight problem with that... 

 Don't encourage them xD

 I agree with this statement.


 XD Yeah...

 #Vote Kyron xP

 Slight problem with that... 

 I know that's why I said it xD

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