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What happened to yugure?

I checked her YouTube channel and all her videos seem to private and her Dalek mod theme has gone off the main channel, I've also noticed her pic is gone from the side of the home page and the "who's who" video is gone.

Did she leave the team? What happened?

She has officially left the team.


I'm sure she had her reasons, from her profile message I can infer that she doesn't want to talk about it. Just let her be and let another SWD Team member explain later.

 Yugure Niji Left the team simply because she no longer wants to be part of the team, as she has said, and for reasons she just doesn't want to talk about.


Whatever here reasons are are private, and that should be respected

I agree, she has already stated this so please do not discuss this further. I will lock this thread now.

This thread has been locked.