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Server Reset and Update 54

Hello everyone. The public server is currently down and is being reset.


DMU Beta is still open for people with Beta Access. Check out the Beta Access page (click on your profile picture at the top right) if you've bought Beta for all the latest exclusive content.


DMU Public will reopen with a brand new world on Sunday after Update 54 has been released.

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Hi matt, do you know what time on Sunday, the server will return? I would like to get an early tardis. Thank you very much!

There's no set time, it'll be back when it's back. EDIT: See Matt's comment below

As for getting an early tardis, please don't rush to get one, having a million tardises day one isn't exactly ideal for the server. This goes for everyone.

It's coming in the evening, europe time. We're planning on doing it before the Doctor Who finale airs.

wait... the next episode of doctor who is the final one?!?


so do we lose all of our progress from the server or do we keep our original stuff


yes EndlessSeth, everyone loses everything. Tardises, inventory, money, etc.

so do we lose all of our progress from the server or do we keep our original stuff


 Yes, full reset. It'll be like your first time joining the server.

Just a quick question - sorry if this is a bit off topic and I seem clueless, but what exactly is in Update 54?

Update 54 is the next update to the Dalek Mod. The contents of this update will be revealed in the update video which will be released here: https://www.youtube.com/user/DalekMod before the finale of Doctor Who. I hope this answers your question :)

when does the update go live in the UK ? time wise 

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