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staff recommendations

Here are a few people I think would make good staff :D

  • Zelotbe - He always helps out players who ask for it and enforces the rules.
  • EmoBrony - Helps out players and is the king of role-plays!
  • ShaneH7646 - Helps out where he can and makes the server a better place to be (building).

Don't know about Zelotbe, Shane MIGHT be ok, and EmoBrony......Never.

I think Zelotbe would be ok. 
Shane I haven't spoke too in a while so I am not quite sure how to react to this
EmoBrony is cool but I am not sure how he would be as a moderator (I don't mean to hurt his feelings or anything like that as I do like him as a person)

Tumblr off topic but is there a way I can speak with you for a moment (Either in game or out)

Also, do you think I'd make a decent member? I've been helping a lot lately :)

I would be up for it, I'm pretty decent with command 

And I would also suggest curious ;)

ShaneH7646  is a really "good" builder , its like an profressional . 

Haha thanks, you should see some of my world edit terrain

how i never have noticed it , i search , search ... nothing ;-; can you give me a link?


I would also like to recognize my history as server admins and mods. Also, Shane would be quite nice as staff

yes but how many of them regularly play on the public server? 5 maybe?

What I Like Abount This Post 

  • EmoBrony - Helps out players and is the king of role-plays           

what i dont like abount this post


and EmoBrony......Never.

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