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Please clarify

I have previously traded staff members and swdbaes for tardis roundels and blocks to build with at the price of 2 stacks for 1 diamond

I have done this multiple times with loads of people for well over 400 stacks of blocks

Can a staff member please clarify in this thread that this is OK for nervous swdbaes and new staff members

Thanks for reading and thanks in advanced

I think there's no point in trading with creative mode users, Dash's shop has some building blocks 

Dash's shop is gone

Plus yesterday I needed 144 stacks of blocks for something which would have cost 84000 credits, which is just insane

Update to this post.  As clearly pointed out by The_Fifth_Doctor

Rule 16: No selling or trading items from creative.


So you can't buy items from creative players.

Admin > Moderator 


Tumblr_cats statement still stands

To my understanding server rule set by 1wtc/dashy >  Admin

The rule states items cannot be sold or traded, as I only buy blocks It doesnt go against that rule

A block you can place in the mincraft world an item is something you cannot

Both are items by the literal definition of minecraft programming. 
I have said my piece on the topic and will wait to hear back from a higher up but until then I will enforce the rules of the server.

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