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Got ban for a mod i don't have

Minecraft username:

Why you were banned:for using the Printer mod

Ban duration: 7 days

What were you doing last on the server: building my house in Aerilon and helping new people get items for a tardis.

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): (this will be short) First, i use this server as a way to socialize and help new people who join, and i find in unfair I was banned for using a mod i have never used, I don't  know if it was an error with the hack detection system but I have never installed that mod. I hope this issue will be fixed.

OnGoing doesn’t even have Schematica installed... unless a town citizen of Aerilon is using printer, there is no reason to ban our town leaders... Collin also did not have schematica installed, yet he got a ban! We would like to see the physical proof of printer being used, otherwise, this could be classified as targeting, since it was said that a physical log is kept about what blocks are placed, by who, and how long it took!

Hello Ongoing,
I am sorry to say but I will be denying your appeal.
We have recently found a way to detect printer mode placed blocks. One of these ways is through block log. When someone places a block and interacts with it multiple times within the same second, it is a sign of printer mode. Maybe if this only showed up on 2-3 blocks it might not be Printer Mode. But seeing as he did it with every block he placed, it all linked together.

I am going to provide you 2 images from the punishment log that a staff member collected, to show what I mean by how we use block logs:

Just a reminder, if you HAPPEN to use printer mode again, it will be a perm ban

ok, thanks for the notice, idk why it shows up since i don't have the mod, the blocks you are showing i placed by hand



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