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Ban Apeal

To SWDTeam

Banned For "Major Greif" 
Time Banned For "Perm"

Banned By "Danita9"

I was extending my underground build when I came across what looked like a underground abandoned mine. I checked my map and i was underneath a building that was recently destroyed due to the owner of the building not following the towns rules. I knew the area was abandoned and I saw a small quarts wall that looked like it had been built by the previous owner of the area. I took the quarts blocks, as i had no idea there was anyone in that plot. 
I am very sorry for taking those quarts blocks by mistake and will give all of the blocks back and help the player rebuild their wall and for their inconveniences I will donate them 3 stacks of quarts blocks to help them with their build and i will always double check to make sure it is nobody's plot.

I have never been banned from any sever before and i always follow server rules.

I don't see how accidentally breaking a wall justifies a perm ban and account deletion and being said as a major greif.

The grief was not major and was not done purposely.
Please consider my ban appeal,
From UNIT_SteelCrow


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