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[DMU Ban appeal] UNIT_SteelCrow: Small Unintentional Greif [Perm]



Banned By: Dantia9


Discord: [U.N.I.T] SteelCrow943#1515


Minecraft username: UNIT_SteelCrow (Using alt to post thread)


Why you were banned: Accidental greif


Ban duration: Perm



I was building a underground building when I came across what looked like an abandoned mine. I checked my map and I was underneath a destroyed building that was deleted because they didn't follow the town's rules. I looked to my left and saw a small wall built out of quartz blocks that the previous owner obviously never finished, so i thought. I started to gather the blocks as I only thought was a random wall in the middle of a random mine. Since that plot was destroyed/deleted I took some of the blocks as I needed to fix a greif on my own base.

I had no idea someone had claimed this plot and the grief was completely accidental. I  have never been banned on a server before and for the building owners inconveniences I will give all of their materials back and will give them 3 stacks of quarts to continue their build. 

If i had known this was a new build and not a part of the deleted build, There is no way i would have done anything. I Promise i will be extra careful next time and never take from deleted bases. 


I do not see how accidentally breaking a small wall in a cave is enough for a perm ban and account deletion 

Please consider my appeal


From UNIT_SteelCrow


Hi SteelCrow! It sounds to me like this grief was not accidental, you knew you were breaking another players build, but it "looked abandoned. Even if a base looks abandoned breaking the blocks is still griefing. It also wasn't a small wall, it totaled to just over 50 blocks. In the future if you base is griefed don't steal to fix it... report it to a staff member. Anyway, I will be denying your appeal for now. Please reappeal in 1 week.
~Thetomsterman DMU Trainee Staff

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