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Ban pardon - Newai


Ban Appeal:

SWDTeam account username: Newai

Why you were banned: Idk the reason but I'm a new player and my brother told me I could play with his stuff but then I was accused of using an alt, his name is DeadGamer33 I think.

Ban duration: Forever.

What were you doing last on the website: Registering.

Any previous bans: No

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I just hope you'll get my situation... I just bought a new account and was banned because my stupid brother did something, Idk what he did but I don't think I should be the one to blame.

Thank you for your consideration I really appreciate it.



You have used the wrong template, you have used the SWD Site one , not the MC ban one.
But that's fine , but i'll need your IGN to get this sorted. Once you done that i can get back to you later.


- Josia50


Hello ,


Your brother only owns the DeadGamer33 account?



Yeah but he bought it to play in the Dalek thing, I just started to play hypixel and then he told me about it.

He told me He deleted it or something idk

I can call him and maybe ask him if he wants to say something but I doubt he does or else he'd have done it already

I did ask him what he did to get banned tho and he told me it doesn't matter but I think he may have cheated or something, do you know what he did?



He used Xray , But sadly our logs for you joining are lost so i can't proof you're the same person

you will be unbanned , but when we find out you were , you will go back to a perm ban




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