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[DMU Ban appeal] Response: UNIT_SteelCrow:

In response to my ban appeal: that account you mentioned as my "alt" is not my account and i do not own it. it belongs to my sister, i thought that would be king of obvious. Whatever she did while she was using her account on the server has nothing to do with me. If you thought that was me because of the numbers at the end of the usernames its not. even my dad uses the same numbers at the end of his username. In the rules it doesn't say your not allowed to take from abandoned, greifed or destroyed bases and the place that the new person is building technically doesn't even belong to him, it belongs to the previous owner which i knew because he never gave the underground area to anyone. I didn't know a new person had become the owner of that plot i thought those blocks where left over from the previous owner that i was friends with as the blocks were in a place that he built.

If you had read the rules upon joining the server, you would see rule 6: No griefing or stealing


That is a blanket over everything to do with griefing/stealing. So please don't try and worm your way out of it. 

(if you want to see my appeal) = https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=6940

Well then maybe you should explain your rules better. You would probably have less accidents if maybe you could click the rule and it would state it in more detail. (as a feature) In a lot of servers you are allowed to take from abandoned bases. Anyway my point is your telling me i broke this rule with out even saying it was a rule (in the rules section) and by saying it is a blanket, for some things is OK but for something that as important as a rule you should have at the very least said you cant take from abandoned bases you cant expect us to know what hasn't been said. Oh and one last thing, i remember before i got banned when rule 6 said no greifing/stealing from PLAYER bases. This led me to believe If it has been abandoned it is no longer a player base. anyway you shouldn't wait for people to get banned and then explain the rules in more detail you should make it available straight away. 


And look if you still think i'm in the wrong then i am very sorry for breaking that wall and now i know that what i did was wrong (even though it wasn't in the rules) Please give me a second chance. This is my first offence i have never been banned on a server before.  I take full responsibility for my actions (But am not saying i did them purposely or maliciously) and i wouldn't have done it and will never do it again please let me off with a warning and a second chance

Thank you for your time.

From UNIT_SteelCrow

Please reply or give some confirmation that you have read this 

The rules weren't changed, they haven't been changed in about a year or so....


Your ban status will not change



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