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[Ban Appeal] LordZeus2008542: Using Xray [perm]

Minecraft Username: LordZeus2008542

Reason for Ban: Xray

Ban duration: Forever

What you were last doing on the server:I was trying to find a cave to get iron, but i can't find anything here. I also am kinda a noob at Minecraft, who is eleven years old. 


Why do you think you should be released early:

 First let's start with this, that it makes more sense to ban for a certain amount of time. What if someone did a mistake, and didn't really want to do it. It would make sense you could ban for a limited time, and give them a warning. If they do it a second time, then they get banned longer and have a more serious warning. If they keep doing it, then just ban them forever.

 But enough of that, I also don't actually play the best. I'm a bit of a noob, and only 11 years old. I really didn't wan't to do it, but I was only surviving on surface, with dirt and sometimes getting lucky like me buying a small house, or killing a Cyberman. That's rare. I the only thing i wanted is to find a cave with iron in it, then deleting the Xray mod so I wouldn't be using it anymore.I want to make friends on here. In videos, it seems so easy to find Iron, but I can't find any caves with it anywhere. I only wanted a better pickaxe. So please, please, please un-ban me. I swear I'm going to follow the rules, and not use Xray or anything that violates rules. Please, can you un-ban me?

Hi Lord Zeus,


You we’re banned automatically because the server detected the x-ray mod on your client. Our rules are very clear that any hacking is an automatic perm ban. 

However as this is your first ban I will unban you. If you are banned again for the same thing you may not be unbanned. 


You may now rejoin the server. Please ensure all x-ray mods/resource packs are uninstalled before logging in or the server will automatically ban you again.

Appeal Accepted.


Thread Locked



-DMU Ultra-Admin

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