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Im in emotional pain and need help

Ive been banned from Dalek Mod for using an alt account. The only reason I was using it was because I have never had any money of any kind, so an alt was the only way of getting minecraft. I would buy an account if I could, but I can't. Believe me, I would if I could. I never meant any harm by it, I just wanted to play minecraft, and that was the only way I had. It's not fair, because I have NEVER HAD A MINECRAFT ACCOUNT BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HAD MONEY TO BUY IT!!!!!!! All I want is to play Dalek Mod, and this is the only way I have. Putting an endless ban on me only because I am too poor to get Minecraft legitimately isn't fair. I don't like using alts, any more than you admins like seeing it, but it is the only way I can play Minecraft. Please, I'm desperate to try anything to get some help. Plz, someone, ANYONE help me get my stuff and my life back.

If you are playing using alts which you have not paid for we will not help you.


We do not support the use of stolen / or hacked illegal clients.

I think he can play on the server. At least maybe give him money so he can play Minecraft here if he's to poor.



As 1WTC said we do not support or condone the use of stolen/hacked minecraft accounts to play on DMU. For that reason your ban will stay. You may rejoin if you legitimately get a minecraft account of your own (not from a random generator website).


Lord Zeus, your comments are not needed please do not comment on ban appeals unless you have useful information.


Appeal Denied



- DMU Ultra-Admin

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