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Ban Appeal therealdrxgon 03.04.2020

Addressing the DMU Server Admins,

I dont think this ban appeal will be notice and to be honest i dont care. If by any chance i am unbanned after this i will be shocked. I love DMU. It is one of the only sources of happiness for me. But, alas, as of today i was banned. The reason for this was apparently "Warp Griefing" this is untrue as the structure that was destroyed by myself was not built by the warp owners. The warp was item emporium on galifrey. The structure destroyed had been built on the warp by one of the server admins, olly himself. I dont think this aspect of the ban was valid seeing as i wasnt destroying the warp owners property, but one of olly's stupid structures. This aspect of the ban is therefore, invalid.

 If you review the ban you will also see that it lists inappropriate behaviour towards staff. This is true, ask olly if you must. Although, olly cannot even begin to claim that the behaviour was unprovoked or unjustified. It was in reaction to this bogus ban claim that i had "Warp Griefed" when again, i had destroyed any of the actual warp owners property. Olly went on to continue to provoke me, continually saying things along the lines of "Im glad im not the one missing update day" and being incredibly cruel towards me. If you ask me, I think olly has something against me. This is the second time he has behaved like this towards me. I really do hope that I am unbanned, not so much for my own benefit, bu to show olly that, for the second time, he had behaved out of order.

Of course, you could say that I was out of order to, I wouldn't disagree. I regret my behaviour now. But, the fact still stands that there was a difference between myself and olly.

I was provoked





PS If it helps, it was a perm ban

PPS This was the first time I was banned, although I was muted once by cyanidee in the past.



You destroyed a build at a warp location - this is a warp grief. It doesn’t matter if it was built by the warp owner or not. 

you ban was made permanent because you told Olly that you hoped he got coronavirus and for him to kill himself. This is not acceptable and verbal abuse against anyone staff or player is not tolerated. 

You will remain banned.


Appeal Denied


Thread Locked.



-DMU Ultra-Admin

This thread has been locked.