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Ban appeal [Denied]

After two attempts at appealing I have now realised that there is no easy way out after my wrongdoings on the server. I understand that this appeal will probably be treated the same way as the last two but I would just like the admins (especially Olly) to know that what I said was out of order and for that I apologise. DMU has been a part of my life for a while now and I just want the admins to know that they are doing a wonderful job and had every right to ban me. I just ask for your forgiveness and nothing else. 



Hello Dragon, 

Yes I can forgive you, but your ban will be staying, you do not get away with verbally abusing someone that easily. So for now your perm ban stays and you can reappeal in 1 month. I hope you learn your lesson.


Hi Olly,

I understand and have now learnt my lesson, I look forward to next month when I will be reappealing.



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