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Monotonous Monitors (A suggested rework of tardis systems)



Description: Remove all the features of monitors and apply them to other bits of console blocks.


Lore/Brief Background: Let's start simply, Never once have the monitors inside the tardis been proven or shown to be touch screens or interactive in any way. The monitors are designed to monitor. To give information about the state of your tardis. The monitor is not used to enter coordinates, or toggle the HADS or cloak. And it certainly doesn't effect the Chameleon Circuit. Further more we have an abundance of blocks for the console that do...nothing. They're pretty sure but they just sit there. The Central Control/Console unit barely controls anything. Let some of the other blocks have use. I can basically already run the whole tardis with a monitor and a lever. How does that fly a tardis? Looking at a screen for 5 minutes then vigorously flapping a lever about. 


How does this affect gameplay: This would make gameplay more immersive and would make users move about the tardis to fly it.


Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable):TBA


Any other information: Now this doesn't mean the monitor can't do anything. It could still display waypoints and toggle the hum, and any of those mild features, but I feel the rest of the console needs some love too.

I know the developers are eager to revamp the entire TARDIS flight mechanics.

I also really like this idea. "More controls = more better"

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