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[DMU Ban appeal old username: Spuntzy34 current username: Seanyworny reason of ban extreme griefing and it was permanent

  • I thought it was a friends build because of similar build style and when I brought him to show what I done to say haha look what I done and then that's when I realised I have done a no no I built a house obviously knowing what I did was wrong and that's why I didn't appeal straight away and now with everything going on I have been itching to play some Dalek mod with my mate and I would appreciate if I was unbanned and it won't happen again and I won't touch a building what's not mine thank you for reading kind regards Spuntzy34


Hello there! I’ll take your appeal today. So first I’d like to say “I thought it was my friends” is not a good reason to grief. However, you have waited a whole month, and this is your first ban so I will pardon you. Please reread the rules when joining.

~Thetomsterman DMU Moderator 

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