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x-raying [Accepted]

dear SWDTeam I am very sorry for trying to x-ray on the DMU public server I was not expecting to get banned straight away

I realy do love the dalek mod DMU server I and very sorry for trying to x-ray thank you. my name on Minecraft is Milkymicky124

From Milkymicky124

Please follow the outline when posting a ban appeal before the staff team will look at it.
MInecraft Username:
Why you were banned

Ban duration
what you were doing last on the server
Why you should be pardoned early

My Minecraft username Milkymicky124.

I was banned for x-raying on the DMU public server with a Mod.

I was prem banned so I think I should be rebanned for 15 days.

Looking for lapis.

I was sorry for what I was trying to do on the server and am really sorry for my acting's.



Hello because this is your first ban I will unban you from DMU. If you use a forbidden mod again, then it will stay perm.





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