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can you add a monitor update to see outside?

I think we all had this problem once or twice upon a time ( congrats if you got the references ) what I am talking about is how sometimes when you go exit the TARDIS and go outside you fall down to a pit, walk out to lave or die from fall damage, etc. I know that this has been irritating to players and may become more of a regular occurrence to players especially now that a randomizer coordinates option has been added to the TARDIS and if people used this it really could become a more regular sight, so I thought of a cool solution, you know about the TARDIS monitors in the Tardis, well why not add an option to see outside using the monitor as I think it would be a good idea and cool if you did add this to the mod.

1 this would be a good way to fix this problem without adding anything complex (I think)  

2 this option would add to the Dalek mod experience as it would add a little but nice feature that some players would love.

3 you could even use some of the code involving the flight panel and inserted to this feature since when you use the flight panel  you can see outside the Tardis as you could just add that piece code to the new feature.

4 using the monitor to check the outside environment has happened in Doctor who several times


(btw the reference is from twice upon a time if you didn't get it) 

if you could add this I think players would find this useful.

thank you for your time if you read this and I hope that you at least considered this idea that I had and I hope that you have a good day or night, bye, and thank you again if you had read this.



If you have a soto door , with soto enabled you can check what's infront of your door.

And if you suggest we just use flight panel mechanics you could just use flight panel itself to check :)




Soto can cause too much lag, and I wouldn't be able to use the flight panel to check if my TARDIS is surrounded by blocks. 

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