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War Master TARDIS

So I made a design for what the War Master’s TARDIS might have looked like during the Time War. It’s very similar to the War Doctor’s tardis but has a darker feel to it as well as a double rotor which is fully synchronised to give an awesome effect.

I quite like this take on the War Master's TARDIS. Don't see many TARDISes with the Master Roundels. Well done!

I like the way it's almost a mirror image of the War Doctor's TARDIS, with the colours kind of inverted. Also kinda similar to the one in the cinematic trailer for the audio drama. Nice work! :)

This TARDIS is awesome, it is essentially an inverted War Doctors TARDIS, with the light brown coral being replaced for the dark red, and the roundels inverted, I like the use of multiple platforms and the use of a different shade for the roof. Well done!

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