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Travel via vortex and Opening TARDIS doors in flight

Hi! Can you please do this in the Dalek mod that you can travel through portals? I'd very like it if you could make it that you when using a vortex manipulator you don't just go there and plop in the other dimension with that boring loading screen. But what would I like  is that when you use the vortex manipulator, that behind you opens a vortex portal to that dimension, that shows the vortex from the untempered schism, but smaller. Then you and anything within a few (2 or 3) blocks reach get's sucked in. But there's no loading screens, because that's boring. Instead, you get into the vortex from the view point of the portal you saw. You (and the others who got sucked in) going to be falling through it, and you can turn you're head to see the portal closing behind you, and you're trapped in the vortex for a few seconds. Right afterward, you and everybody sucked in jumps out of a portal at your destination before the portal a few second later closes behind you. Another feature that would be nice is that you can open the doors  of the TARDIS in flight and watch being in the full vortex out of the door., and you can also jump out and get in the vortex, watch your TARDIS fly away with the door open, waiting a few seconds after and then landing in a random location. Your TARDIS would stay open and materialize in the coordinates you entered, and stand there with the door still open.

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