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I was just curious as to which optifine/shaders are used in the Dalek Mod update videos. Thank you!!

by the looks of it. It may be BSL, SEUS or Sildurs. but it looks like sildurs the most.

Yup, I use SEUS and sildurs a lot, sometimes modified. Used KUDA for Ruth's TARDIS interior

for me i use sildurs shaders but for some reson it does this wierd screen glitch when i try to go in the tardis or have BOTI and SOTO

Shaders have fast render on. Shaders and BOTI do not and never will work together. Shaders don't "understand" the dimensional engineering.

can someone put the download link for SEUS shaders i can't find the download :)

How do you get shaders on the server cause im clueless lmao

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