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ryhno just read pls

u got it wronng i didnt grief twice and i joined on a alt acc becasue i needed to talk to someone this is the list 1. was theft and being rude 2. greifing 3. was theft again i think 4. was trolling 5.trolling and been banned multiple times and being annoying i have proof that 5 says that because i took a picture a min ago of me logging in 

Hello GLITCH DFT I'm Danita(admin from DMU) and i'll answer you, first of all stop making forum post waiting to rhyno's answer because he already answered you and this forum isn't a playground, second one: rhyno answered you with the info we have about you, all previous bans, proofs, etc so stop typing he's wrong , 3 and last point: accept the decission we took about your appeal and stop make new ban appels before the time we gave you,if you make a new thread related with this your site account will be banned.


Honestly, Danita

What do u mean site account banned so like deleted?  Deactivated?

Also  can i like get in a chat with one of u guys so i can actually speak and have a conversation before u lock it XD it gets annoying i mean like u cant even have a opinion not being rude just on my mind also thats why im making new ones cuz u guys keep locking them also why cant i only be banned in public server im good in beta i never do anything wronng in it or is it like a join world like thing so u are banned in both? Sorry im just very tired staying up day and night for replys XD

 Plus should probably just delete this account anyway all i can use it for is to play dalek mod and without dalek mod i wont use it 




Glitch mate... you blew your last chance and begging us isn’t going to change that. You’ve now had three staff members tell you no. Please stop posting ban appeals or your account will be site banned. And even by your definition of your bans you’ve still been banned 5 times and joined on an alt. In the end the facts haven’t changed so again this appeal is denied with no chance of reappeal.

~Thetomsterman DMU Moderator 

This thread has been locked.