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Flight mode on server doesn't let me leave TARDIS anymore

Hi, I'm trying to setup a private server to play with a friend of mine

here is my problem

Version of forge: 1.12.2-


Dalek Mod Version: 56 on 1.12.2


List of mods: Dalek mod (bug happens both with Dalek mod alone or with others)


What was the user doing prior to this: nothing, first thing i tried during the setup was TARDIS Flight


Location of bug [E.g. Servers]: private server running forge 1.12.2


Status: Unsolved



When running on the server, I can enter and leave my TARDIS as I wish but once I enter flight mode I get trapped.

What I mean is that clicking on the door does nothing, SOTI works but i can't go through (door just closes when I touch it)

Also none of the TARDIS commands respond after this.

I can get out with a /kill but get the same bug if I repeat


I hope you can help me.

Thank you




Hello, we know of this bug and fixed it a few days ago.  Redownload the mod, both for yourself and for on the server.

This will fix the problem.

Just tested after redownloading. I still have the bug.



Edit: I noticed a difference between the two versions on BOTI.


This is for the previous one.


This is for the latest one.


Should I make another post for it ?

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