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[DMU Ban appeal] UNIT_SteelCrow: Greif [Perm]

Banned By: Danita9


Discord: [U.N.I.T] SteelCrow943#1515


Minecraft username: UNIT_SteelCrow (Using alt to post thread)(as account was banned)


Why you were banned: greif


Ban duration: Perm


What was I doing last on the server: In the end dimension collecting ender pearls.


The facts and issues:


The blocks were in an area abandoned by the original owner.

There was no signs or obvious proof someone had taken ownership over this abandoned plot.

Nowhere in the rules does it say you are not allowed to take from abandoned bases.


I am very sorry for what I did.


From UNIT_SteelCrow

Hello UNIT_SteelCrow,

Breaking blocks even in an area you think to be abandoned is a grief as it's not yours.
I know that you're sorry for what you did and i had a talk with the people who banned you.
And I have decided to unban you on a final warning, meaning if you do wrong again you will be permed.

We are also sorry for what happened with your sisters account, it was banned by just a simple check.
The account has been marked as not an alt in notes for us and she has been unbanned.
It would be kind of you if you told your sister she's unbanned and our apologies.

(Admin & Developer)

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