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Tardis Of The Week (Hartnell/Capaldi) full size console

  1. Hello! Over the last month or so, I have been working on my own near full size console which uses a Capaldi esc rotor and a main Hartnell console, I went for a nice grey and white look and a very colourful approach with the lights! I know this isn’t minecraft but it’s in my life now and why not put it here!! 

Honestly, that looks amazing!

You've done a really great job on that!


If you make anymore updates to it you've got to post them, I'm sure everyone here will love it!

Good job

It's awesome!

I love the fact it actually reaches the celling, unlike some consoles.

Its amazing! The only issue i see here is probably the wiring, i think adding more decorative wires would make it fit in and make it look nicer, other than that It is absolutely amazing!

now just put it in a shed! Then you got a working shed Tardis. that's how it works, its true...

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