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Libum - Cake Themed Tardis for TOTW

Libum Interior

Ben1Ben1's Entry for Tardis of the Week

Hello Everyone! Here is my entry for Tardis of the Week! I have a love for cake if you didn't know, and I've never made an interior before so I thought I'd make one around cake! I chose the name Libum, which means "Cake" in Latin. I wanted to make an interior which isn't so realistic and wooden and stoney, but more colourful and fun! I hope you all like it. I would like to thank Dezzy201 and SilencedInferno for teaching me about interior design!


The Design



Design Explanation

So the whole theme is cake obviously. The idea is that you are inside a massive cake. I decided to make the console a little less detailed than most because the important part of this interior is the actual room, not the console. My favourite part of the interior is the cake shelf - in my opinion it is a great combination of dalek mod blocks and vanilla blocks to create a new idea. I decided to add the cake crystals in the corners as I thought it added more texture to the overall build while keeping within the theme. The cake on display represents when Cake was added to Minecraft, a VERY special and important day which changed my life forever.



This is my first ever custom int

Built by: Ben1Ben1

Support from: Dezzy201 and SilencedInferno

Co-ords  on DMU: -962 5 973



Any more questions please let me know! And I'd love to hear some feedback down below, but do remember this is my first interior! I hope you all like my attempt!





also fantastic work ben

I'm so proud of you


I think this tardis is a great interior with great and innovative ways used to blend a great use of vanilla and dalek mod blocks to a splendid combination. You can see the great work you have put in and the amount of research you have done for example "Libil" you put so much  more effort into thinking of a better more stranger title than others for example my tardis which is literally just called coke. I personally think that this Tardis,sure may not have world edit shennanigans yet it still stands on it's own. With a unique idea.


I love the use of the dalek mods as most tardises just use plain old wood or use the classic style of tardis. You don't often see many of the Modern tardis blocks used in custom tardises. The use of snows works well for icing,for example the deep meaning behind it,snow melts so does icing,you can even see it starting to melt. Nothing lasts forever. The same is with cake. Cakes goes out of date so does everything else. We all go out of date one day. One day we all wither and die. You can see the deep meaning behind it although it is quite a sad underlying tone. Cake is meant for joy yet there is such subtle meaning under it. The fact that this is his first custom interior astounds me with so much thought provoking detail.


What can i say about the innovative use of the wooden tardis monitor. A table for cake!!! No one else but the great ben could think of such a great idea. I don't think i've seen anyone else do that with the dalek mod. You can see he is well vested into the dalek mod knowing great tricks to make his tardis just a little better. Sure,you may thinks what's inside isn't as detailed as other tardises. Other tardises have great pillars. The thing is with this tardis,you have to look at the walls. Your inside a cake.how cool is that!


Ok those were all the big things,im just gonna tell you the small details.I also love the use of chrontis as it kinda fits in the colour scheme. Also a white beacon works perfectley for this tardis. Some critiscisms,I feel like the floor could of been more detailed,different shades of that colour would of worked nice but i do realise it's mean to be the inside of a cake. The rotor could be more detailed but other than that it's great.


In conclusion,I find this a great tardis which is trying to do something unique and not being a plain old classic or wooden tardis. Using dalek mod blocks that aren't usually used.  However this kind of idea will never appear in the actual show. That's the whole point! You can make ur own tardis. Go wild! Make something unique. Although i would love a cake tardis in the show.

ok i'm done here... i would write more but this quite a lot.


(Should i put spoiler tags?)




Btw if anyone is thinking i'm mocking his tardis,i'm not i geniunely think it's good and when inspecting his tardis closer i found some actually deep things...or maybe i'm overthinking it idk.

I won't quote that but THANKS COKE! That's so kind of you to say!!

Well everyone. I guess we lost this battle, the cake was not good enough, but we will win soon! We will win tardis of the week! And we will win without talent since we do not cheat! Thank you. #BenForPresident2020


I actually really like this cake interior :D


but most importantly, the cake is a lie 

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