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Tardis of the Week: Portal Tardis Interior

Hello SWD staff and others. I have another Tardis I made. This one was made specifically for an exterior implemented into the game in the last update...


Hello everyone, my name is Cave Johnson, and I have something to show you... This is a new device made by Aperture Science, and they name it the "Aperture Science Time and Space Device", or the "ASTSD". Using portal Technology, they created new rifts in time and space, creating a new dimension which allows the user to travel through space and time inside a mostly safe cockpit. It is highly experimental technology and requires a "Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System" or "GLaDOS" to be inside helping to maintain stability... (Warning: GLaDOS may release a deadly Nuerotoxin if not careful.) Not impressed? Here, allow this short video to demonstrate...


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