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DM Bugle Issue 5 - Back In Business

DM Bugle Issue 5

Back In Business

We're back, did we ever leave? The long awaited Issue 5 is finally here! Many of you will be asking, what even is this? Well the DM Bugle is newspaper that ran for 4 issues prior, before its sudden disappearance. We could make up an elaborate story for what happened but, here's what happened. Yet again, Ben tried to bake a cake with the Bugle printer. However, this time it somewhat succeeded... The cake was the printer, the printer was the cake. Each cheery shone, bursting and spitting out ink. Everything was cake, the whole headquarters became cake. After running out of the building, it was just simply gone. There wasn't any other printer that could print that many copies in such short time. So, we skip ahead to today, a player reported some sort of unidentified crashed object. A pit full of ink, dough and cheery juice. It didn't seem too toxic, how can it be, it's cake. From the depths of the site, the printer was retrieved; soaked in not blood but even worse, cheery juice. Somehow, the printer is still functioning, only with the odd copy or two setting ablaze. But beware, if you smell cake and there's none nearby well, good luck.


The Holiday Staff

With lockdowns being put in place all across the world, DMU Staff decided that they would make new holiday staff earlier on this year than normal. The 2020 Holiday Staff are Bug1312, Dezzy201, MrTested, HRSM and Whovian. I caught up with some of them to ask how they are finding the new role. When talking to them about  being accepted, Dezzy said "I was amazed. I had completely forgetten I had applied, I was so excited!". I spoke with Bug about what it's like as Holiday staff, "I have enjoyed it a lot, I didn't know helping people felt so good." He talked about the other perks of staff too, "I also just enjoy seeing peoples builds as I teleport to them when they need something. Our community has quite a few good builders!". I spoke to Mr Tested after he completed some staff training. He explained "I like how I can help people by fixing griefs or similar, I really enjoyed this!". The Holiday Staff will be here to help you with any issues, but remember for the next couple of weeks they will be in training so they may not always know how to help yet! When you see one online, make sure to say "Hello" and congratulate them on their new roles! And from the DM Bugle we wish them the best of luck as they continue to help the players of DMU!


Creditland Founder Veteran Rank

Recently, ChefLaur, long time scammer finalist received veteran rank. This is obtainable from being part of the community for around 3 years. The Creditland founder, seemingly prepared a countdown event until the time until he received said rank. However, hours prior to receiving the rank, it was announced you must be a member for 4 years, not 3 years. Just mere hours prior. Devastation hit Laur when he came across this new news. All that build up for nothing. However, it was announced a bit later that this was a prank by SWDTeam member Didgeridoomen. Hope had been restored. As more and more people joined vc, the countdown decreased and decreased. At last, after 3 years, ChefLaur received the light purple discord rank. Seemingly after he received the role he said, "we did it reddit."

However, ChefLaur has not commented on the numerous Creditland sca-..



We now have a discord! Please join to keep updated on the latest issues! https://discord.gg/wvUN5PV


Riddles, Jokes and Questions


What's the difference between mashed potatoes and pea soup?

Anyone can mash potatoes...


 How do you make the number one disappear?


A man lived on the 50th floor of a skyscraper. Every day he would take the elevator down but on the way up would take the elevator to the 32nd floor and take the stairs for the rest unless if he was with someone else and he would go straight to the 50th floor. Why?


Answers to the riddles will be revealed in the next issue!


No questions this week. Please submit your questions for us to answer using the new discord!


Puzzles (Forum only)




Answers will be revealed next week!




Adventures of Fr1dgeMagn3t

Dear Diary,

well scrap of paper I found on the floor,


Today I somehow appeared here. I'm not really sure where here is though. I spoke to this flying unicorn and he said "DMU". He was pretty cool. So I wandered around to see what there is and then I found this Pepper Pot the size of me. I got closer and saw he was holding a plunger, so I realised he must have been a plumber pepper pot! But then he started twiddling this whisk and shouting "Exterminate!". Usually a whisk means cake so I was excited, but this bright beam of energy was going straight toward me. I used my intelligence to build a dirt wall to protect me. As I hid behind the wall, I tried to make a plan. I decided I was going to reason with the pepper pot by giving him a poppy. My thoughts were that a provoked plumber pepper pot would prefer a poppy rather than a petunia. But as I was planning, I heard some fighting going on behind me and then it all went silent. I slowly looked around, poppy in hand, and saw the pepper pot had fallen over and all that was left was this blob. This small white blob had arms, legs and a face. He smiled at me.  Diary, this DMU is cool, I think I'm gonna stick around for now. P.S I named the blob Fredrick.


Bear Man 1:

Seemingly, the Hero Society had faded away, a relic of the past. However, Bear Man still remained; isolated, alone, in the shadows. Another one. Day after day, off the record strange events had been sited. He had a theory on the backbone, however, he did not know how to test it.  Just out from spawn, there was yet another hazard site. Guards, one, two, three. Around the perimeter of the area, they were on pratol so no-one could enter. "Who is funding them," he thought. They were not low equipped in any sense. Whatever was inside, it had to be dangerous; or valuable. This wasn't a place where he could just slap them with a fish. He would have to be crafty. From an elevation, he scoped out two of the guards; their armour, coated in some sort of metal. A distraction. That's what he needed. Something like...


There are no adverts this week. Please do request some on the discord server.


Well then, that comes to the end of this week's Bugle. Currently, we are unsure of scheduling. Our Discord will provide regular updates; as well as updates in the next Bugle issue. Please do consider joining.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Dalek Mod Bugle

Issue 5

Titled: Back in Business

Editors: Bluey & Ben

The DM Bugle Est. 2019













Whovian isn’t holiday staff actually trainee or mod.  HarrisonMiltion  is holiday staff.



i’m disappointed in you Ben...

Whovian isn’t holiday staff actually trainee or mod.  HarrisonMiltion  is holiday staff.



i’m disappointed in you Ben...

 Whovian is holiday staff...he returned to staff as holiday staff 

Whovian isn’t holiday staff actually trainee or mod.  HarrisonMiltion  is holiday staff.



i’m disappointed in you Ben...

 Whovian is holiday staff...he returned to staff as holiday staff 

 What's even funnier about that is that HRSM wasn't originally included since the article was written before he accepted, so yes there was a mistake, but the thing you spotted was wrong XD

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