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Abuse and Spam Relating to a Recent Ban

This shouldn't need to be posted, however it seems after recent events that some people believe that some users should be given special treatment when it comes to the DMU punishment system.


What happened?

Recently a certain player was banned for a pretty big grief. They built something pretty large which went through multiple users builds / towns. The user however did not have permission to do this. Therefore the DMU Staff followed their standard punishment guidelines and issued a ban to the player. The ban was based on the action as well as in this case the the number of blocks which made up the grief.


The now banned individual decided to upload a video informing their viewers that they had been banned and that they would no longer be playing the Dalek Mod and that they did not wish to appeal the ban. However many users have seemingly taken it upon themselves to throw abuse and spam towards us (SWDTeam) as well as the DMU Staff who decided to take the decision to issue the ban.


Spamming us with "Unban USER" is not going to change anything. We were sad to see the individual banned (personally we (SWDTeam) think a verbal warning would have been the best option to take first) however they have made the decision that they do not want to appeal it. If they did however make an appeal they would most likely be unbanned. So we would kindly ask for users to stop asking us to unban this user and stop taking out their anger on us or the DMU Staff team.


But they promoted your mod!

Doesn't make any difference. They will be subjected to the same punishment system as every other user on the server. They don't get special treatment.


But they spent X amount on your servers!

Doesn't make any difference. You could spend hundreds of pounds on the server, if you break the rules you will still be dealt with in the same way as any other player.


Your staff team are unfair!

As previously stated, the staff team followed their punishment guidelines. Yes certain members of staff have not been all that kind to this individual in the past, most of them we must add are EX staff members. There was an incident recently with a current staff member, however the staff member was punished for their actions and 1WTC personally apologised to the user for what had happened.


The staff team will follow the same guidelines for any player. Even a SWDTeam member was even put through the punishment system recently after breaking the rules on the server. 


I support what you guys are doing 100%. Breaking the rules is breaking the rules and it doesn't matter who you are. Thank you SWD Staff for being consistent and unbiased!

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