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Mafia(The classic social game in DMU)

Mafia is a social deduction game made by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986.(I 100 percent did not look this up on Wikipedia) Why did i decide to make a more realistic replica on DMU? Well as you could probably already guess I was a little bored and what better way to spend my time then putting players against each other. Why would you waste your time playing this well there's an incentive a pretty good one at that MONEYYY (prizes vary from 10k to 50k and if ur lucky maybe one day 100k)  (We've done around 12ish games so far)


The rules?(There are many ways to play mafia,This was the way I chose to play it,it was also a little bit adapted for the restrictions of Minecraft)

There are 2 cycles,the day and night cycles this is when i say day and night not when Minecraft is night or day.

I choose 1 or 2 mafias (This may vary depending on the amount of players) In the night cycle they choose a player they wish to kill.(You will ./msg me who u wish to kill and I will kill them for you this is due to death messages and skins etc)

I choose 1 doctor in the night cycle he chooses 1 person to save if mafia choose that person then they will live.

I choose 1 detective(This role will be in it if there's lots of people) They will choose 1 person to investigate and I will tell them whether someone is innocent or Mafia.

SPECIAL ROLES (I will explain these roles when the game begins,these are added to spice up games)

AT the night cycle you will all take a house or pod (If space mafia map), 2 ppl per house.

How to win the prize? Surely they would be left over villagers and mafias.

Well a good old school FIGHT,the last person remaing from the left over villagers and Mafias will have to fight for the prize.


There are three mafia maps so far.


Starting off with CLASSIC,welcome to a old simple village with small houses and bare minimum survival houses,this was not a mafia map,this was THE mafia map,the original I guess you could say. This map was built by me,Noisy Thunder and BenElf.


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Howdy Cow boys welcome to the WILD WEST. Yee haa cowboys. Classic shoot outs,it's all here in the wild West. This stunning map was built by R083r75,he built Most of this by himself with the help of BIGBcrafter and Guiltyassasin. This shows how great our community is. I didn't even ask them to build this map.

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Welcome to the Future. We're in a spaceship travelling across space. But WAIT! Mafias still haven't aged out,there's 2 mafias still out. And?A Alien? And a crazy due who likes doing moonwalks? I mean sure and wait...We're gonna Throw people out the airlock??? This map was built by me and R083R75 with the help of BenElf.

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 The winners so far 25/04/2020 (May be outdated depending on when ur reading this i'll make sure to update it and I may have missed out a few people)

50K event winner-GuiltyAssasin5 won as mafia#

10K event winner-GuiltyAssasin5 won as mafia

10k event winner-GuiltyAssasin5 won as fool

10k event winner-BenElf won as village

10k event winner-GuiltyAssasin5 as gunslinger

 10k event winner-GuiltyAssasin5 won as detective.

10k event winner-EdspurgNetwork won as detective 

10k event winner-__Marble__ won as mafia

50k event winner- Guiltyassasin5 won as Alien

(I've probably missed quite a few please remind me)


And that's it! If you've played the game make sure to leave a review,what you liked about it and what you  thought could be improved.


So after careful consideration,we realised that doing sponsers on the fourm would be much easier to keep track and to make sure eveyone's sponser is delivered.



What you would like sponsered town/shop/faction/Joke Advert:

Cash: (How much you would like to spend)

What you would like us to say:                                   (This is for people who spend more than 500 money)


Note: Hi,I just wanted to thank all the people that keep mafia running,I can't believe that so many of you are willing to give 30k+ just for a game.

Guiltyassasin5-(No name sponser)

ConnorHair-Cow mafia

RadioReaper-Cow mafia


RadioReaper-Potatoe bois

Heyhey37-(Forgot the name please remind me)

R08375-(No name sponser)


**Sponser will only be done when payment is given to proffessorcoke**

Its me, I am willing to spend no higher than 1000, for the duality theatre (we have our own thread under dmu public, sneaky plug) just you know, say we have a thread and you earn 100 per play + say put your username on the thread. and make it sound good and funny!

Its me, I am willing to spend no higher than 1000, for the duality theatre (we have our own thread under dmu public, sneaky plug) just you know, say we have a thread and you earn 100 per play + say put your username on the thread. and make it sound good and funny!

Please stick to the format.This form is not for you to advertise your thread.It’s for you to tell me what to say when sponsoring your theatre.Please Edit your post.


Mafia Battle Royale (A tournament)

So what is Mafia battle Royale? Well there will be 5 rounds(Each consisting of 10 players),You will only have to particpate in one round. If you end up being the winner or runner up then you are taken to the Finals. One last round where you will have to face other winners and runner ups. Whoever wins this round will get the ultimate Prize of 100k. 


sign me up? Here's the form for it https://forms.gle/9Rp9hoATotH4QZv98   enter ur username and your in.  Make sure to tune in to this thread. As I will post which round you will be partaking in and when it will happen. Rounds will 100 percent be between 4 0'clock and 6 0'clock if you have a preference then please tell me here.



***Remember that this event will only happen if we have 50 players,If you are not present when ur round is meant to be taken place I will ask people on the server to take your place***

















Special Thanks to GuiltyAssasin5,papa_brick,R0875,Xd_Faz3_poly who all donated insane sums.


This event is sponsered by Moo Moo medows(For the moment)


Candyman Inc. (shop faction)


Candyman Inc. is the tastiest and most colourful shop empire on DMU, /msg xd_FaZ3_PoLy, Bwt143, or Bathsoap for more information.




Ahoy Matey.A new map may make its debut in the Mafia Battle Royale,A pirate themed map created solely by HeyHey37. Who took a lot of effort to build this amazing pirate ship.

A few pictures

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There are 25 spaces remaning in the Mafia battle Royale make sure to take one before it's too late  https://forms.gle/9Rp9hoATotH4QZv98 


***When rounds will take place will be sorted out when we have ALL 50 contestants***

Mafia battle royale (Tournament)


There are no more left over spaces for the mafia tournamnent. We have reached all 50 ppl.  Below is the timetable of the event. If you have any certain time you want to join . Please post a coment down below. Click this link and see all days and times of the rounds. Choose which round you want by again writing a message below. All people who have not reserved a spot by Thursday will be randomised.




***There are no left over spaces however if people don't show up you may gain a space. ***


Done,done and done!


Top_Mation decided to leave but being replaced by FinnishCheese

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