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dalek mod update ideas

hey swd team I have a lot of ideas for future updates of the dalek mod so I hope you can try to put these idas in thank you

idea 1 snow on tardis roof when your in a biome with snow there will be snow on the roof of your tardis and other tardis too idea 2 wet look like when you look outside on a rainy day the road looks wet so it would be cool if the tardis had the same effect


idea 3 more city's like now in Minecraft there's only villages.  but in this update for the mod it will add most if not all of the citys randomly spawning from all of the doctor who episodes.


idea 4 well I don't know what I will call this one but its one of my favorite ideas I have it will add a remote so lets say if you are in the nether and the other player just died form a blaze you can right click with the remote in your hand and it will ask you to put in a username. then you put in you friends username then you press escape key and then left click and it will ask to player you put in the remote if you want to be picked up then the player press yes or no in the chat depending on what the player presses you will get a message saying Tardis is going to pick up [player username] or if the player presses no it will say [player username] denied the request.

the remote sends your tardis to pick up the player of your choosing only if they press yes. and then when the player gets in your tardis it will say [player username] is in your tardis then you left click agen and the tardis will bring the player to you. its good for if your fighting bosses and that sort of stuff.

idea 5 more doctor who bosses so if you have beat the dalek empire boss thing I don't know what it is aculy called but i hope you know what im talking about its the giant dalek boss youll move on too the giant cyberman boss just make a desighn up and after you beat the giant cyberman youll move too that weeping angel statuew of lipety thing boss. and fter that youll go to galfray city to fight all of those boses agen. all three of them at once but youll have to be stacked with good items

idea 6 campions. so you might come to know this already but every doctor usually has at least 1 companion it would be nice if you can find those companions   once you have a Tardis and they will travel with you.


idea 7  furniture. it would be cool but I don't know if it is posubull if you can watch youtube form a Minecraft mod tv so if you can do that that would be cool or you could watch your bought movies from it just choos a flie from your computer to watch it it would be so cool and will stop meny people from being bored in Minecraft just craft this tv and watch anything from a flie you choose. like I said I don't know if it is posubull to do this so don't try too hard plase repily back if you can do this or not

idea 7 furniture part 2. like I said the tv will be cool but also to make your tardis look more like a nice home you could add some game consle that might be abel to work I dot know if it is posubull lets see um oh ya a water fouten to clear poshen efecs if you happen to get thim near your tardis it will also fill 1/2 hunger point evry time you use it but it is ony half a hunger point

idea 8 more Tardis. one of my favote tardis is the masters house tardis from the 13 doctor it was so cool and I would totally be so happy if you could do it you already have the dirt house why not make the masters house tardis its probly my favrote right after the 11th doctor Toyota tardis. also you could add that one tardis from the 13 doctor episode where the 13 doctor meats her past self that one tardis I hope you remember it just for a litle more cleaficashoin its the episode when the rinos cops come to earth and the doctor gos to the windmeal.

oh ya it would also be nice if you could add the tardis rooms in the tardiis that would be nice bcuse I realy don't like going into crafteve just to add a room I know some of them do so I hope you can aadd rooms to all of the tardes like the libery from the 11th doctors tardis

idea 9random invasion's. so you know how in the new Minecraft uptades there village raids. well what if you could add vilige raids but with cyberman and daleks 2 difrent times so you would ether get a cyberman raid or a dalek raid and it would be cool if yo could do it for the more citys I talke about

oh ya idea 10. humans. you could add aclue humans to the world and have daleks or cyberman attack them and you could be the hero and save them basicly like more player model villagers  but they only spawn in the citys. 


idea 11 cars. you should add cars and trucks it would be cool and make it feel more like doctor who 

idea 12 timetravel 2.0. don't get me rong when I say  I know that theres timetravel already in but what if you add on that like for the citys when you go back in time the city will look older and older the farther back you go or in the futcher up in time the city will look more and more fucherristick. and the time travel will be difrent youll get a time travel panel in evry tardis and when you right click it it will ask for you to put in a year so you do something like 10/1/1940 and it will take you back in time that would be so cool. 

idea 13 diolog boxes. so when you talk to the humins or villigers instead of them saying hrmm they will aculy have stuff to say like hello how do you do this will aslo work on companions also you could also say good what about you.


plase replay back if you can put eny of these mods in thank you


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