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TOTW- War Tardis

At the very end of the Last Great Time War, The Doctor made a choice. A choice he would later forget. After his body wore thin and he regenerated into a new form, the last of the Daleks attacked the Last of the Time-Lords in a final stand. As the TARDIS took hit after hit the Daleks managed to breach the defences and destroy the console room of The Doctor’s beloved machine. As the console room fell apart and was ablaze, the TARDIS began her own regeneration...a new era was about to begin.....


Location: DMU Public (In my Interior)

This interior is lit. Get it? However needs more emus. This scores: 3 Cookies

Ooh, I love the transition between the roundels.

 Aww thanks Matt :P I wanted to make one with a story behind it ;P and what better War than the Time War #Rhyno4TOTW 

Im afraid to say Rhyno but i am not a fan of this. Please do not take this the wrong way however i see the war doctor and coral tardis esc designs used a tad more than should yes it is a perfect interior to be considered battle worthy. But i would of personally prefer more originality to fit your interior designing techniques.

Theres bits of cheese in the walls, not enough fire it NEEDS TO BURN!

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