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DM Bugle Issue 6 - Dalek Mod Discussion

DM Bugle Issue 6

Discussion with Didgeridoomen

We caught up with Matt otherwise known as Didgeridoomen about his work with Dalek Mod. Matt's main role within SWDTeam is to plan and develop the videos for the SWDTeam Channel. He is the person who makes all the awesome Dalek Mod update videos! I asked him how he joined the team, "I've been making videos all my life. I caught the attention of SWDTeam with my Minecraft Doctor Who series and recreation, for which I used the Dalek Mod. I started getting more involved as time went on". Matt produces Hollywood worthy videos, so I questioned if he has any Top Tips for beginners to video making. "I have often seen people ask me what editing software I use. Doesn't matter! You can make a great video with any editing software. Also when making videos for Youtube, try and view your videos through the eyes of the audience. Think a bit is boring? Cut it!". I spoke with Matt about the future of DM and DMU. "If I could add anything to DMU, I would love to do or see some alien invasions again! I did those all the time on my own old server. Imagine 'OH GOD 100 CYBERMEN ARE ATTACKING YOUR TOWN'". I grilled Matt for any upcoming secret projects, "A thing I can reveal is that there might be a big Dalek Mod movie coming". Yes you heard it here, they are thinking about making a Dalek Mod movie. We will keep you up with any future details we find! Thank you so much to Matt for doing this interview!


The New Headquarters

Due to the odd scenario of our old headquarters seemingly being swallowed by a cake, we have relocated! I'm unsure if we can announce yet but, the headquarters has been constructed! You may be asking, why is there exciting? Well, this time around, the Bugle HQ will be selling past issues of the Bugle, dating back to Issue 1! They will sell for $50, with room to store each every issue when it goes off sale. Our basement contains say if you will, display cases of events and people tied to the DM Bugle! However, this time the request and suggest boxes will not be returning to our facility. We have decided it's best if it's done through our discord. That way, we don't get stockpiled on people's thrown out Bugle issues. There are plans to expand the Bugle Headquarters and add some attractions. However, we will leave it there for now. Let us know what else you think would be a good addition to the new Bugle Headquarters!


The Black Blur


It has come to our attention at the Bugle, from recent player reports, a case of vigilantism has taken place on DMU. Reportedly, a "Black Blur" appeared, its intentions unknown. To get more on the story we spoke to Destroyer021620. Destroyer describes the entity as wearing black clothes, almost like armour, a large mask, and glowing wings. An peculiar description, to say at the least. It began diving down, right before crashing into ground, launched off almost like a rocket into the sky! Shortly after, it attacked mobs attacking players. It then seemingly vanished... Other sightings of the Blur have been reported, what leaves us wondering, who or what is it and what does it want? Could this mark a sign of the resurgence of vigilante activity? Surprisingly, no cases of notorious vigilantes such as Bear-Man or the Fox-Man have been reported. However, we presume they're out there somewhere, waiting to strike... Stay tuned for further news on the case of vigilantism. Remember, if you see any cases of vigilantism on the server, remember to talk to the Bugle!


Questions, Jokes and Riddles


Mr Flint asks "Is cake, truly the best meal?"

The simple answer: Of course!


Why did Tesco help Sainsburys?

Every little helps!


What did the truck driver say to the herd of cows?




I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I?


I can shine bright, yet not in depths, my shape is unique but not always correct.


Answers to this week's riddles will be revealed in the next issue!


Puzzles (Forum Only)





If you want the answers from last week, contact Ben1Ben1.



Bear Man 2:

That was it, something valuable. Yet, his pockets were empty. No, something else, something easier and more obvious... The guards took their solemn steps around the compound, each time seemingly more fearsome. Apart from the imprint of their steps, there was no sound, at all. A seemingly quiet crackle evoked the attention of a guard, it was small yet there was nothing else nearby. What could it be? Wire was trode into the mud, a thin black wire; an earwig, no. With pace, the guard continued their path, slowly creeping up to wherever this wire would lead. Not long after, the guard caught a spark on the wire. They raced ahead of it, dreading where it may lead... A stack of dynamite was rigged to a tree stump, with an almost comical timer. A guard shouted, "Bomb!" Seemingly, the two guards dashed from the site, their lives were not worth more than what they were protecting, to them at least. As the fuse got to its end, the dynamite shook. Each stick moving, shaking, about to create... deflation. It had been a fake, yet a fake of upmost convincingness. "Well that wasn't too hard." Bear-Man thought. Steep walls towered above Bear-Man, he had definitely made the right call. Whatever was inside, had to be the source of the malintent. With no consideration for cautious, he walked up to the door. With all his might, slammed the lock with his fish, it shattered in two. Hesitation struck Bear-Man, his hand on the handle. What if whatever incomprehensible being or item the almost prison contained could escape... He surely would not be able to single-handedly take it down. It was a risk he had to take. The risk no-one else would. With a firm grip, he pushed forward the door.


Adventure's of Fr1dgeMagn3t 2:

Dear Diary,


Today was weird. After yesterday’s fun with the pepper pot, I decided to follow Fredrick around. He showed me all the amazing parts of DMU. It did not take long.  We visited a jungle where I met all his family, there were a lot of them. Lots of blobs. It was blobtastic. It took a long time to walk there, so once we arrived it was dinner time. I wasn’t sure what blobs eat but apparently it’s cats. Yes cats. I asked the magical unicorn man and apparently blobs find cats to be perfect savoury with a good umami flavour whereas melons are too sweet for them. I tried to give them a cake, but they thought it was a war threat and started preparing their defences. After some tea and crumpets, Fredrick helped to explain that I meant it as a gift, not as a threat. I was still confused however how small blobs managed to take down a cat, so Fredrick introduced me to their hunter. Well I’m not really sure if they were a hunter, I don’t speak blob but I named them Gemma. I’m now very hungry, so they are going to get me a cat. Diary, I need some help. I don’t want Kentucky Fried Cat and my favourite film is Top Cat.




You may be wondering what is IMC? IMC is a beta exclusive faction run by Whovian. It specialises in building lab style, crazy futurism and much, much more! Ontop of that there are also rps! Remember to look it up!

Staying Hydrated:

So the title gives away what this advert is about. To remind you, stay hydrated, just some sort of drink (water is the best) to keep hydrated throughout your day. Your brain will exceed 1000% (don't quote us on that). Just remember!

Tardis n' Things:

A shop, you do not want to miss. Lots of ghast tears, and you guessed it tardis stuff! It also has the truly best prices!


Answers to Last Week:

Add a G onto the front of one and it's gone!


The person was too short to reach the high up numbers.



Where the source of Bugle updates comes from: https://discord.gg/VfbNWjf


Closing Remarks

Well, we come to another issue of the DM  Bugle! We really do hope you enjoyed this issue! Quite an update heavy issue. Some slight news on how things will be done from now on: Issues will be released for 3 weeks on a Saturday. Following those 3 issues, we will be taking a slight break. This is to organise competitions and also to prevent burnout. So that the Bugle doesn't die. Again, thank you so much for reading! We really appreciate it, thank you one last time!


Dalek Mod Bugle

Issue 6

Titled: Dalek Mod Discussion

Editor: Bluey & Ben

The DM Bugle Est. 2019









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