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Doctor No More.

A long time ago, a war began. The Last Great Time War; a war of the past and of the future. A war that lasted for millennia, and for barely a minute. A war that would seemingly end in both the destruction of the majestic Time Lords, and of the ruthless Daleks. While both species began to fight, one Time Lord refused to participate. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't ignore it forever. As the war spread across the universe, he prepared for war, and his TARDIS prepared to serve. To serve a mighty warrior...


'Doctor No More.'



About the Design:

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Here is my 5th submission for Tardis of the Week. This time, I have decided to incorporate a story-line! As the 8th doctor regenerates into the war doctor on Karn, his faithful type 40 Tardis also transforms to serve the new incarnation. This is what I think the Tardis would look like in mid-transition between these two interiors. However, you can see that it has already been scarred by the war, and many elements are exposed, destroyed or burning. You can see the roundels and pillars appearing around the transforming console, as well as floors and roofs also transforming. This Tardis took longer than you think to make, as originally I lit the netherrack and the entire Tardis burnt down! I then flooded it, repared it and finally came out with this. I hope you like it! NOTE: No world download for this Tardis - sorry!




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