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Changing Interiors


Name of the feature: In - TARDIS Interior Change Option.

Description: The ability to change your interior in the TARDIS if you don't like it or you just want to have something different. (Even the Doctor does that.)


Brief Background: Perhaps an option could be to somehow select a new interior while in the tardis with a warning that everything inside the TARDIS will get deleted. If you want you could abort deleting the interior for a new one OR you could go outside the TARDIS. Going outside the TARDIS will not let you back in for a small amount of time (Let's say 1 min to let the TARDIS have time to delete the interior and replace it) and after that, the interior will have changed to the one you wanted but if anything was in the TARDIS before the change it would have been deleted.. or perhaps some stuff placed in a chest in the new interior somewhere. (Last bit might be a bit tricky.)


How does this affect gameplay: Users will be able to change their TARDIS interiors without commands but at the cost that if not aborted everything inside will be erased.


Thanks for viewing.


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